About Ceramics & Beyond
We specialise in the production of ceramic tiles. Ceramics & Beyond is technologically the most contemporary factory.

Tiles in the houses play a crucial role, as it has the ability to change the view or look of the room. Most of the interior designers focus specially on the color and the quality of tiles, as it needs to match the room and the theme in an effective way. As the technology advances, it is obvious that the manufacturing process of tiles is easier and quicker. There are few companies, who are engaged in producing handmade tiles, which looks perfect and looks natural for the room. The color and the quality of the tile depend on the requirement, where people will have to order for the tile well in advance. Handmade tiles are widely recommended from interior designers, as it would match the theme and the color combination of the room effectively.

Ceramics & Beyond introduces the 'Aesthetic Culture' series, available in Handmade tiles, Hand printed ceramic tiles and Mosaics done in stone and tile. The series forwards magnificent designs and patterns in spectacular colours and various sizes.

Ceramics & Beyond offers customization options in relation to design, size and colour, thus providing the perfect solution for awe-inspiring interiors, exteriors, cladding, elevation, staircase, so on and so forth. .

The tiles are available in both, glossy and matte finish. Baked at 1045 degrees, they never lose their colour and look. They are stain free and thus they are easy to maintain and look breathtaking even after years.