Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

A bathroom is highly humid and a potential place for harmful bacteria to grow. That is why it is necessary to design your bathroom space carefully and use good quality tiles while furnishing the interior space of a bathing area.
This does not mean that bathrooms have to be bland and look like a public urinal; with handmade and hand painted ceramic tiles, normal bathrooms can be transformed into a style statement without much effort.

Here are a few tips to make your bathroom shine brightly with a wow factor –

Choose hand painted ceramic tiles
Hand painted ceramic tiles have a unique style and a personal feel to them. From rustic to modern-looking tiles, handmade ceramic tiles in India are highly sought after for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. If you want a more personal design, handmade tiles can be customized into any pattern, shape, or colour to create the space you intend to.
Add accent tiles to the mix
After choosing your feature tile, add just one or two different tiles to avoid a monotone look. Or choose a contrast of bright and neutral colours to liven up the place. Handmade tiles are available in a huge variety and can be used as accent tiles for bathroom and kitchen areas. It also gives a bathroom some character with a visually appealing focal point.
Choose complimentary tiles for bathroom floors

The walls of the bathroom must complement the floor and using similar patterns can be the most obvious option. However, contrasting patterns can also add an interesting appeal and class to an otherwise normal bathroom. Remember, a bathroom can also affect the mood of a person, especially in the morning when bold colours may prove to be a distraction. Try to combine the best lighting options along with handmade ceramic tiles to create a vibrant look for your bathroom space.

Tile size
Generally, based on a thumb rule basis, if the bathroom is of small size, then using small-sized tiles is the best option. Choosing the right size of tiles can complement a bathroom and greatly improve the overall feel of the room. Handmade tiles are available in various sizes and can be customized for the edges to give your bathroom a wholesome look.
Use textured tiles

Handmade textured tiles are easy to clean and maintain. The raised surfaces also prevent any slippage that occurs with glossy tiles. Apart from this, textured tiles reduce the reflection of light and can prove useful if the bathroom has excessive light exposure or dull spots.
Paying attention to small details while using handmade ceramic tiles can increase the overall appeal of your bathroom space. Moreover, handmade tiles are hygienic as well as attractive options to decorate your bathroom under a budget. Hope the above tips prove useful in making your purchase decisions easy.
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